Friday, October 29, 2004

A wish to cross the Bridge

Durani a fren of mine..gifted me some tears on my birthday...
HABBAKADAL.. my a picture

he brought back my childhood in one picture...Thanks..a lot
But this picture bought with it..

A wish to cross
the Bridge once again...
See the face
in Vitastas once again.

A wish to fly
Kite on it once again
Enter temple Somyaar
Read Gita once again...

Can you give me dear..
With this snap
Just one wish
With No bargain..

You bought tears in my eyes..Please dont post such pictures again..
if you cant fulfill my wish.....

Friday, October 08, 2004

Star Crash

Moon Watched the Stars fall..

Kids called them meteorite

Night Said "Still lots in Sk"y..

But Moon knew the Loss ..

Night was Darkened more..

Sun heard her complaint..

But Silence made him Red..

But Moon called him Boss ..

On the Chinars shade..

Sparrow gently prayed a chirp

A young lady blushed in Prayer

Moon saw her fingures Cross..

What If there wasnt Night..

Star would have been Invisible..

What if we all had been Asleep

Never cared..for that Starz Fall..

.Never Cared For that Starz Fall...