Friday, December 31, 2010

21st New Year Exile Wishes

My Prayer for you

May your homes, hearths & Places of Worship
Flourish with love and prosperity.
Protect thou from any wicked
From vice plans of your enemy.
Thou have none to harm &
All around you to charm !
May This year Keep you happy and warm

Please pray for us

21st Year  of exile
Pray to Lord for us
to Grant us Home
this year and to see
Our kids in our own land

This year from youth
I will grow to old
a step further to death
desperation to live there
what if Death carries my wish

Before Bones become fragile
Eyes start digging deeper
Ears stop listening
Thoughts start wandering
Memory starts losing meaning

Pray this year for me
May the wood from its woods
Burn my funeral pyre
its Rivers absorb my ashes
my soul rests in peace

Let in death be my Homeland
Let in death be my ancestral Abode
Let in death be my New Year Wish
Even if it is my ephermal Blemish