Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 Minute Deep Dive on Kashmiri Pandit Feminism

KP baraderi in London made a historic start by getting all the KP folks together & celebrate JYESTAH ASHTAMI  together . I was really impressed by the sheer magic of young people namely Laxmi , Anupama , Vinod ji & even the elders like Dr Vivek & others.  A great rejoice at a time when we waning on thin hope of our return.  

Recorded a 10 minute clip for the function and hope you too would like it !


Ashutosh Raina said...

Hats off Veer - so much to learn from you and others.

"Sezar Pazar Sochar - inculcate in us"

Deepak Ganju said...

Great- Our best wishes

Deepak Ganju said...

Great! with best wishes.

Puran Patwari said...

We are proud of you Veer. Keep it up. Puran Patwari

Arvind Kaul said...

Wonderful ! Thanking You very much.

Arvind Kaul said...

Wonderful.....!! Thank You very much.

Dalip Langoo said...

Dear Veer this is a hajy presentation, I had to turn my LT to watch it.
About feminism that appeared from Kashmir and reached to all parts of the Globe is not just 10000 years ago but the globe itself is a feminine form of Goddess Dharti Mata who was enabled to hold Universal Gods and Goddesses time and again for the welfare of mankind so it is as old as the origin of mother Earth. Name Kashmir itself is derivative of the Goddesses name Kashmira. Kashmir is known by the name SATIDESH as well, which was a huge water body when there was no land just mountainous peaks to live that is why its people were called as Nagas(Nag e Bhava iti nagah).
About TULMUL it is said that its soil being Toolam moolyakam lighter like cotton balls that can not hurt the NAGAS accompanying the Goddess from Srilanka who actually had gone there from Kailasha and later chose the Himalayan territory again for her and the other Jeewas accompanying her. Another interpretation that the Goddess chose her seat on the roots of Mulburey roots ToolaMoolam thus the place was named as Tulamula.
Your scientific inference is laudable. May Goddess bless you, keep it up.....with lots of Aahee!

Anonymous said...

Good video and very well you have explained many traditional kashmiri hindu concepts.

But, some mistakes which stand out and i will point them out
(don't think I am kaeg batt , its for common benefit :) )

#1 The tradition does not need to be scientific . Science is only empirical knowledge, that which we assimilate through senses only. ie Gyan Indriye. Our Paarmarthik tradition goes beyond it, where people in Rishi state attain direct knowledge (Gyaan)

#2 Shakti is NOT energy. In technical tantra terms , Shiva is bindu, Shakti is his Naad.

#3 Feminism - You intentions are very good no doubt. But you need to understand the western concept of feminism. How is it related to Marxist theories , conflict theory . Yes hindu tradition respects women and treat them well. But when you see things from Feministic lense , then they see the typical Oppressor and Oppressed relation, it is highly political term and even tough you want to use it in good spiritual light, its meaning is convoluted.

Please feel free to communicate with me further on this : vikas.v.iitr@gmail.com