Monday, May 31, 2004

Necessary Binding

They were brought up together in the social fabric of Kashmir.Although from different religions but the yarn was same.The close knit association of childhood broke when both got married.

Two most educated and beautiful girls of the village..whom classmates would envy and old would praise..

For thirty years they didnt meet.They searched for each other.Villages ,cities and cultures were burnt in 90's but the love of humanity made them made.Who knew whether they were alive but they met...Was the water of Vitasta same after 30 years?

How they met? What they discussed? Where they still the same...

Now both widows..both aboned..what could India or pakistan give them...?? What was their future course of action..Who killed their Husbands..Indian Army or terrorists from pakistan???

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Waiting for 5.30 pm Bus

In her Faren , she was drenched in sweat . This heat she had never experience in 80 years of her life.

Wondering why environment has chanegd so radically.She was still looking for the well and the milk from her cows.

She couldnt see 2 feet ahead,Decible level of millions could disturb her. Only when some would touch her ..she would realise the body heat and make out the person.

KAKNI was not realising the heat of India ?She had shut the main door of her house only after 5.30 PM bus had come.Her son would come from srinagar in that bus.But she was wandering .why the bus was not comming??She was looking Bohb ji to return.

Why teh bus didnt come and she kept waiting...?? What happened next to her..Did Bohb ji her son return back..??

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Bullet knocks my door

Jan 19 , 1990 in the chilled winter night ...In the dark street of downtown srinagar ,there were few people disussing over a puffing smoke.

THere eyes were bluish with fear and sweat ozzing on fore head out of fear.This sweat was frrezing on their foreheads giving their skin greenish tinge.

Some one knocked the door ..Much before the youngest of them all would get up..There were bullets screening the wooden baricade of the yard.

The wooden door on which Chelpark Ink dots once sprinled out from the chinese Ink pens where now washed with blood drops of young kid nothing else but chinese made pakis supplied AK 56 rifles....

Who did it..why...whom could have this young guy of 7 yrs killed ...I kept guesing ???who was the terrorist ..Was he powerful ..if yes then what was threating him..7 yr kid!!!!

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