Friday, October 29, 2004

A wish to cross the Bridge

Durani a fren of mine..gifted me some tears on my birthday...
HABBAKADAL.. my a picture

he brought back my childhood in one picture...Thanks..a lot
But this picture bought with it..

A wish to cross
the Bridge once again...
See the face
in Vitastas once again.

A wish to fly
Kite on it once again
Enter temple Somyaar
Read Gita once again...

Can you give me dear..
With this snap
Just one wish
With No bargain..

You bought tears in my eyes..Please dont post such pictures again..
if you cant fulfill my wish.....

Friday, October 08, 2004

Star Crash

Moon Watched the Stars fall..

Kids called them meteorite

Night Said "Still lots in Sk"y..

But Moon knew the Loss ..

Night was Darkened more..

Sun heard her complaint..

But Silence made him Red..

But Moon called him Boss ..

On the Chinars shade..

Sparrow gently prayed a chirp

A young lady blushed in Prayer

Moon saw her fingures Cross..

What If there wasnt Night..

Star would have been Invisible..

What if we all had been Asleep

Never cared..for that Starz Fall..

.Never Cared For that Starz Fall...

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Western Winds

He was watching the fields from the dark shadowy arch of his house and feeling as if the rice fields where calling Kishen joo loudly.

Moon with its milky light ,was playing with her twinkling Stars like a compassionate mother itching out the hairy head of her kid.The speedy wind from the west was as if combing the rice fields.

It was just few days ahead that the festival called "DHAY BATTA"(thanks to Local Deity) was to be organised ....... where he would thank he deity for his crop and start the harvest.

All of a sudden he had some negative thoughts.....What if the deity becomes angry with him.
He was relentlesly trying to convince himself about the good actions that he has done.

He had donated to the local Yatim Khana(orpahanage) ......what if they where muslim kids and studying koran.He had faith ... and beleived that God understands Humanity not religion.

He was a staunch kashmiri Brahmin and winds from west where blowing his faren away but he was holding it his body ..yet at times letting it go and flutter....Looking at the crop sometimes he was feeling proud abt his ancestral property times egoist for being the richest in village ..yet next moment he would be nervous and pretent that all belonged to god...

Fear of god was keeping him tamed to the orchestra of humanity...It was midnight but this 60 year Pandit had no intentions of sleeping.

Even if it meant making Jhajhiiir (Traditional Hooka) and desturbing others intentionaly.

His wife and mother were snoring .His son had just flung in his final year.

He wanted to leave the village and catch the next bus for Delhi.He was a new breed of Pandits who would mind drinking liquor ,eat non veg and watch first movie show on friday.

The tussle between the father and Son was invisible but the women in the family would frown if Kishen Joo would brawl while having dinner. All eyes would point to his son Ravi.

Ravi was not worrying him at all for his future was secure . He was retired two years back and whole village knew abt his Post office account which had 50000 Indian rupees in his name.He would even tell this to a new born baby much before that baby would have been given christened.

Things where fine but not for long...he was never able to get the post office money back..He longed for a sinlge penny on a footpath in Bombay away from his land ...selling tea .... What changed his life???What was it that blew his home apart...Western winds could never take his Farren Off ..then how did they manage to blow his whole life Off..Watch out this blog or post to me..I ll let you knoew

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Wait

She was crying in pain ,But couldnt speak .ONly way she could gather attention was by screaming at the top her voice.

She was never like that before,At her one command children of her village would run for their life.But today in the dark room,on Moonless day she was desperate for help.Her husband in his eighties was snoring in the basement.

Their house was so big that it was not at all disturbing her husband and that was what her husband was trying for alwayz.

The villagers were calling her witch and were believing that she got the curse back on her for killing her brother in law.

Some even were of the notion that the whole property belonged to her Brother in law.

Her adopted son had settled far in the posh localities of New Delhi and had no intention to come back.

Kids were happy and making merry in her courtyard without her fear.

Only the man who would visit her was the postman,carrying some one else letter and reading for her as if her son had written a letter for her.

Society had long forgotten them..

Then came the turbulance which swept the whole village .Guess what next??

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Barber ...

On the busy interior streets of Srinagar.. along the banks of Jhelum for 50 years this man "Sone Navidh"{Golden Barber} had shaved , tonsured and cut the hair of almost all big dignitaries as well as common man.

Sitting on the Warm Skinned kusock he was an integral part of the Hindu community of that area.Although,being a muslim but he was so much inter woven that at times he had the capability to perform any religious ceremony for the brahmins.  He was sometimes a noted hate figure of jealous Mullahs.

Even people at the civil secretariat would talk of his great proffesional and communication skill.He was not just respected by elders but loved by kids.

He would shave the heads of pandits when some had to proclaimed as pandit after the birth (ZARA KASSAY) or when some one would die and his elder son needed to tonsure his head.

Come 1990 amd pandits were leaving the locality and mullahs were proclaiming them to be infidels.Now he was a most deserted man.

He was upset as all his frens with whom he grew up and with whom he had more bonding than with his family were no more around him.

Streets wore a deserted look,No kriya karms or grand scale Funerals were happening , where his presence was alomost like that of the God.

On the 10th day of Kriya (after someones death) he was a dignitary,to perform the special custom along with brahmins.The special Hair cut (Tonsure).

As the pandits were shot down like sparrows,None would approach him for the 10th day function.But what was the reason?  Was his Name now a terror or a suspicion in the heart of minority Pandits ? Where was his son from last 6 months ?

Soon the circumsatnces changed and one day he had to shave off his head. Did he survive the change?
Why was he murdered and burried without the Fateh (last rites in muslims) in his own home ?

The man who attended the funeral of thousands in his life left Kashmir with out the funeral.??
Will mother earth forgive us for that.?

What happened and how? Keep on visiting this blog? the story is still not unfolded?

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

OPrince Charming

He was young and charasmatic,So people called him prince charming...He was fascianted with the story of Ugly Duckling.

May be it was his own story.As he was growing up in the fields and pastures of Kashmir,He was a self proclaimed king of these meadows.

His only temptations was the "Sootu"(partially grounded and half burnt floor) with a salty tea (Nuuon Chai).

But some one was fast approaching his approaching his meadows.This gujjar boys pastures were soon going to experience a new shepherds and sheep.But who were they.Did he survive the on assualt of new shepherd armed with rocket propelled grenades.

Was he still prince charming or now yearning for past to come back...

Find out about what happened to Prince Charming.??Keep on visiting or subscribe to my stories

Monday, May 31, 2004

Necessary Binding

They were brought up together in the social fabric of Kashmir.Although from different religions but the yarn was same.The close knit association of childhood broke when both got married.

Two most educated and beautiful girls of the village..whom classmates would envy and old would praise..

For thirty years they didnt meet.They searched for each other.Villages ,cities and cultures were burnt in 90's but the love of humanity made them made.Who knew whether they were alive but they met...Was the water of Vitasta same after 30 years?

How they met? What they discussed? Where they still the same...

Now both widows..both aboned..what could India or pakistan give them...?? What was their future course of action..Who killed their Husbands..Indian Army or terrorists from pakistan???

To know more keep on visting this site...

Waiting for 5.30 pm Bus

In her Faren , she was drenched in sweat . This heat she had never experience in 80 years of her life.

Wondering why environment has chanegd so radically.She was still looking for the well and the milk from her cows.

She couldnt see 2 feet ahead,Decible level of millions could disturb her. Only when some would touch her ..she would realise the body heat and make out the person.

KAKNI was not realising the heat of India ?She had shut the main door of her house only after 5.30 PM bus had come.Her son would come from srinagar in that bus.But she was wandering .why the bus was not comming??She was looking Bohb ji to return.

Why teh bus didnt come and she kept waiting...?? What happened next to her..Did Bohb ji her son return back..??

Find out the answer next few months on this blog...

Bullet knocks my door

Jan 19 , 1990 in the chilled winter night ...In the dark street of downtown srinagar ,there were few people disussing over a puffing smoke.

THere eyes were bluish with fear and sweat ozzing on fore head out of fear.This sweat was frrezing on their foreheads giving their skin greenish tinge.

Some one knocked the door ..Much before the youngest of them all would get up..There were bullets screening the wooden baricade of the yard.

The wooden door on which Chelpark Ink dots once sprinled out from the chinese Ink pens where now washed with blood drops of young kid nothing else but chinese made pakis supplied AK 56 rifles....

Who did it..why...whom could have this young guy of 7 yrs killed ...I kept guesing ???who was the terrorist ..Was he powerful ..if yes then what was threating him..7 yr kid!!!!

Watch out the full story soon...