Friday, August 16, 2013

मेरी मात्र भूमि, वीर ज्ननी किश्तवार !

मेरी  मात्र  भूमि,  वीर  ज्ननी   किश्तवार !
तुझ  पर  होते  रहे  कितने  अन्गिनत  वार !
किशत  ऋषि  ने  यहाँ  बरी  धरम  की   हुंकार !
योदा  मेहता  ने  यही  किया  मुघलू  का  संहार !

तेरी  पावन   भूमि  केसर  का  आदार !

तेरे  भूगर्भ   मे  नीलम   का   भण्डार !
जिप्सम  बरकर  बारंबार  है   गाव  त्रिघाम!
तू  चंद्राभागा  सभ्यता  का   खिला  विस्तार !

ब्रॅम   शिखर  के   पथ  पर , छाया  देते  देवदार !

दच्चन   की   घाटी  मे   ब्रह्मा  का  अवतार !
तुम   राज  मेहता  और  कालास  की हिंदवी संतान !
गर्व  तुम  पर   करता  समस्त  भारती   परिवार!

आज   फिर   विपदा  आईः  सामने  शत्रु  ललकार  !
समय  है  सपूतो  आज,   चुनोती   करो  स्वीकार !
रणभूमि   मे   कोषल  से  रक्षा  करना  और  फिर  शत्रु   पर   प्रहार !
भारत   का  है  शत शत  नमन  तूमे , ओ  देवगिरी  किश्तवार!

Hindi typing with Quillpad : Any Mistakes are highly regretted ! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Exile & Martyrdom

Sometime back a Jihadi KM extremist ferociously claimed that they have sacrificed thousands of men in JIHAD against so called occupation & as such have claim over the LAND.

Playing the number game of Dead is the easiest logic of extremists in Syria , Afghanistan ,Palestine & now in kashmir.
For the peace loving civilized community spread across the world our martyrdom is uncounted at times & we are sometimes told that you only got 2000 killed for kashmir or sometimes 200.  How they belittle our Genocide is through data of Dead & suppress my Birth right.

I gently told him that that at least 40 thousands of our men , children & women have died longing for homeland in exile.  

My young cousin died of cancer & on his death wrote on FB wall " I need a home : Homeland "  Where ever his soul is today , I am sure it too is searching for Motherland Kashmir.

My Grandma Died in Balcony in 45 degrees waiting for Oxen to return from Fields as if she was in Kashmir rather than Delhi.She died in Nostalgia & in mirage.

My Neighbour Handoo sahabh died in same kind of condition where in he felt that he was in Anantnag & has to leave for Srinagar next day morning to join duties.

Sacrifice isnt when one gets killed in Violence only. A bigger martyrdom is when one dies with that HOLE in his heart & quest for home HOMELAND.  That Martyrdom reincarnates him for JUSTICE ...Blood Never sleeps even if it hasnt been poured on road. Memory Clots are even bloodier.

For us  EVERY DEATH IN EXILE IS A MARTYRDOM .  With this I might match your number count of dead that my extremist opppostion often counts.If dead are required to reclaim my birth right , please let me know . I will contribute one more by that of mine