Monday, April 29, 2013

Opium Addiction at Race Course !

My Take on Opium Addiction at Race Course !

Long back in Kashmir when militancy was at its peak , few drug addicts (4) in my neighborhood were never ever worried & their only target in middle of this mayhem was to get daily supply of Opium. After consuming a good quantity , they would discuss Kashmir as a side talk & then beat the lonely  Indian supporter among them & claim to be crusaders of Jihad .

One night when the supply routes were stopped altogether they convinced the KP drug addict to negotiate a curfew pass from BSF pocket on any pretext & secure some Opium from a locality in downtown.    He finally was able to manage but got stuck in cross fire where few terrorists got killed in ambush with BSF. He was spotted by JKLF spy & finally put on records as an accused spy of BSF such a good scape goat for that failed operations by terrorists in which they lost Mushtaq ( local commander ).

Stage was all set : As JKLF cracked it down to the group , they found this addicted group in a corner of Mosque & finally hunted on the lone INDIAN supporter in that group. Seizing the opportunity to have some more stock , other three Drug addicts ( his former friends ) took away the Opium from him & handed over him to JKLF as an Indian Agent.  As luck would have run it , he managed to give slip but only after a bullet pierced his HIP & he swam in chilled Vyeth across & managed his life there on as a bed ridden helpless Man.

Today Govt of India is like that Crippled Drug addict who has to take daily opium of Statesmanship which Nehruvian philosophy gave them in legacy. Whole of India is addicted to IPL at the same time so that none can ask the question who is doing what & LOCAL problem as stated by Prime Sinister is false or true ?

Special thanks to Mamta ji  ABVP for organising a stir at JNU yesterday , Amba Ji & other activists of INDIA FIRST  for hosting Prof Karnad at JNU in an active community interaction of Nationalists who took a strong stand yesterday.I was glad to have participated & wanted to take these learnings to my friends here.

Like those JKLF terrorists , our fellow Opium addict Pakistan has kept us engaged for ever till the big Dragon asked for our skull from them & they  provided Gwadar Port / Aksai Chin to China.Encirclement of CHINAs Pearl has strangulated us from Myammar , Maldives , Now Srilanka & Pakistan.

When Tibet was won , its premium had said that PALM of Chinese Hand is complete but not before 5 fingers are added  , expedition will be on. Those 5 fingers stretch from Ladakh , Nepal , Sikkim , Arunachal & Bhutan. For 50 years , Chinese worked on comprehensive plan & today how so ever hard India might try , it would be wounded & its opium addiction of statesmanship on hollow defense potential is predictable to every Tom , Dick & Harry .

In March 1964 we were ready with  Nuclear Arms but alas with Nehrus Death , India lost the vision to use the strength for a credible arsenal which would have put it in league of global Superpowers but we were infected to the daily opium intake of Friendship with another Drug Peddlar of Pakistan till it handed us over to China in 1980s when it gave Aksai Chin to them informally. Today we have few Nuclear Heads which are unsuccessfully tested & worth 20 KTN Firecracker compared  to simplest nuclear war head in East China which can erase & vapourize Delhi NCR in 5 Minutes.

In short ,we have  no credible deterrence against China on any military capability. Paksitan proved to be fellow Drug addict of Kashmir , which kept us busy till Dragon decided to open its Jaw & we have been caught unaware. We have reduced ourselves to comparison with a crumbling structure of Pakistan while as our focus should have been on CHINA which was a bigger economic & political threat always .

"Look East Philosophy" started by NDA where in ASEAN ( which had same credible threats from South China Sea  ) would have formed our back bone to check CHINA . As per Prof Karnad yesterday , how many times have brave Vietnamese asked for Brahmos Missiles which would check the chinese movement in Malacan Straights & hence we could have made bases in South Sea at forward posts which would have been checkmate to CHINA but alas our OPIUM traders of Race course not only forgot the LOOK EAST policy but trashed it with sub standard Agni missile Offer. Vietnamese still bring fear among Chinese , French & American forces for their valor & no nonsense attitude when it comes to their country. We lost their hand of friendship. A great opportunity lost that would have caged the dragon by putting Iron cuff on its nose.

Today China wants clearly to strangulate us in Ladakh where the River Shyok becomes a border & It wasnt to have access to Nuclear grade minerals in this region . Be ready for more incursions at multiple points & pace at which the build up will take us by surprise. India as usual will be predictable with doped Prime Sinister making his secret plan public after his ouster from Race course & his Foreign Sinister acting like a kid who is busy in settling personal score in Boston rather than acting strong .

I fail to understand that if Kargil incurssion demanded going to UN why not Chinese Incursions . Are we so scared now that even invoking Western Powers would be like turning our back to those in front of whom we showed a pseudo spine.   I remember & always keep reminding my poltician this poem of
Sh Ram Dhari Singh Dhinkar

क्षमा, दया, तप, त्याग, मनोबल
सबका लिया सहारा
पर नर व्याघ सुयोधन तुमसे
कहो कहाँ कब हारा?

क्षमाशील हो ॠपु-सक्षम
तुम हुये विनीत जितना ही
दुष्ट कौरवों ने तुमको
कायर समझा उतना ही

अत्याचार सहन करने का
कुफल यही होता है
पौरुष का आतंक मनुज
कोमल होकर खोता है

क्षमा शोभती उस भुजंग को
जिसके पास गरल है
उसका क्या जो दंतहीन
विषरहित विनीत सरल है  ( Rest is here  )

English translation

Mercy, resolve, tact, tolerance
You've tried everything and some
But o my king of men
When did Suyodhan succumb?

The more forgiving you were
In your humane compassion
The more these rouge Kauravas
Pegged you as cowardly ashen

This is the consequence
Of tolerating atrocities
The awe of machismo is lost
When one's gentle n kindly

Forgiveness is becoming of
The serpent that's got venom
None cares for the toothless,
Poisonless, kind, gentle one

I wish  Our Govt finds that MACHISMO back with HONOUR.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stupid Prime Minister of INDIA

My Take on Stupid Prime Minister of INDIA 

Mr PM of INDIA ,

I respect your chair & Office but I take an offense when you call Chinese Incursion in my Ladakh a local problem ! Have you alienated my right as an Indian with your statement .

Nehru's Historic Dumb thought to Chinese Invasion in 1960s was "not a blade of grass grows there " & compare it with MMS dumbest quote today " "We do have a plan. We do not want to accentuate the situation. . It is a localized problem " 

Whether someone outrages the modesty with condom or without it , it is a legal offence . Putting a wrapped over it what I call the our Govt Hermaphroditic attitude since 1947. They don't deserve to be the bosses of J&K. Whether it was 1947 , 1962 , 1965, 1971 , 1990 , 1999 or 2013. 

Every time Delhi has failed the nationalist sentiment of J&K. Day isn't far when LADAKH for their own safety will have to unanimously surrender to Dragon & our DOTI PRASADs in Delhi will still call it local problem.

Mr Prime Minister if LADAKH  ( J/K ) is a localized problem , get the hell out of my local Problem. If Chinese Army would have incurred 19 KM into UP or PUNJAB : would you have called it localized problem ? Is Delhi global & LADAKH  Local ?

You are RAT who has lost his HOLE & trying to call SNAKE a ROPE.. You are worse than any Enemy that this nation could have. Please don't change from Prime Minister ! ~~~ Prime Sinister ?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Are UP State Actors Sponsoring Internal Terrorism ???

At the outset it might look to be a funny subject but that is the reality of today . UPA govt with its appeasement policy to any anti national within or outside the borders of India & drenched in the murky politics of keeping 272 numbers intact doesn't see any rational for any logical conclusion on state of affairs.

Indian Nation has been crippled by Indian State which has left its citizens to itself.  After every Bomb blast , its ex- Home minister Mr Patil used to change attire to suit the time & lights of  News Room. Its current Home Minister believes in first coloring the Blast whether Green , Red or Saffron . 

May be he is on so many trips that RAG ( Red , Amber or Green ) status of every Bomb blast on every signal color codes his Myopic view of the security arrangement.  So all I wish that he turns color blind to terrorism which isnt the case considering orders from JANPATH to be on WARPATH against active nationalism.

Terror attacks have show cased a remarkable phenomenon in last  few years with not a single prosecution or any cases cracked  so far.

DateIncidentFatalitiesInjuredStatus of case (Arrests made/ Cracked/ Verdict given)
January 1, 2008Terror attack on CRPF camp in RampurUttar Pradesh by Lashkar-e-Taiba,[17]85
May 13, 2008Jaipur bombings: 9 bomb blasts along 6 areas in Jaipur63
July 25, 20082008 Bangalore serial blasts: 8 low intensity bomb blasts in Bangalore220arrests made
July 26, 20082008 Ahmedabad blasts: 17 serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad29110arrests made
September 13, 200813 September 2008 Delhi bombings: 5 bomb blasts in Delhi markets21110
September 27, 200827 September 2008 Delhi blast: Bombings at Mehrauli area, 2 bomb blasts in Delhi flower market117
September 29, 200829 September 2008 western India bombings: 10 killed and 80 injured in bombings in Maharashtra (including Malegaon) and Gujarat bomb blasts1080
October 1, 20082008 Agartala bombings4100
October 21, 20082008 Imphal bombing1740
October 30, 20082008 Assam bombings77300
November 26, 20082008 Mumbai attacks171239arrests made but no conviction proved.
January 1, 20092009 Guwahati bombings667
April 6, 20092009 Assam bombings762
February 13, 20102010 Pune bombing1760
December 7, 20102010 Varanasi bombing120
July 13, 20112011 Mumbai bombings26130
September 7, 20112011 Delhi bombing1276
February 13, 20122012 attacks on Israeli diplomats04
August 1, 20122012 Pune bombings01
February 21, 20132013 Hyderabad blasts16119
March 13, 20132013 Srinagar attack710
17 April 20132013 Bangalore blast16

Look at the chart above & you will feel in the middle of Civil War in India.  God forbid if above stats are replicated to any honorable country in this world , it would have been in state of War against Terrorism.  

There seems to be no urgency in UPA to tackle this menace while as it seems to be hand in glove with parties like Samajwadi in UP who rather than investigating the 3 crucial bombings as listed below have today released HUJI  chief Mentor & Active Terrorist Tariq Qasmi on instructions of Mr Qazmi who is crying foul of frisking in USA by border control.  

I wish such terror appeasement is stopped in name of MUSLIM & MINORITY Card. Justice R K Aggarwal on Nov 22 , 2012 asked SP categorically that cases against them are pending but alas who will hear & finally Judge remarked " Today you release them & tomorrow you will also give them Padma Bhushan " Such is the state of affiars that we seem to be ruled by Anti National State Actors now where judiciary has been enslaved as well.

Till last year I used to blame only J&K Govt which let hardcore Terrorists like Bitta Karate & Yasin Malik free & marry KAS Officers & Pakistani Citizens & still share dais with Lashker Chief in Pakistan.  we call it spineless state but we should call it SPINELESS Rattle Snake which is biting the Nation with its venom.

Countrymen must realize that some elements in power are itself sponsoring the terrorism in India by collaborating with the terrorists in the name of Religion & Vote Bank Politics.  While as Ajmer Blasts accused in this blast are so called  Hindu Terrorist Sadhvi Pragya ji ( who is on death bed with dreaded disease Cancer but still not allowed to be cured or not even allowed to see her dead father ) are on the lips of Mr Shinde  but I havent seen a word from on below Attacks specifically where target was HINDU pilgrimage centers in UP

2006 Varanasi blasts

A series of blasts occurred across the Hindu holy city of Varanasi on 7 March 2006. Fifteen people are reported to have been killed and as many as 101 others were injured. No one has accepted responsibility for the attacks, but it is speculated that the bombings were carried out in retaliation of the arrest of a Lashkar-e-Toiba agent in Varanasi earlier in February 2006.

2010 Varanasi blasts

On 7 December 2010, another blast occurred in Varanasi, that killed immediately a toddler, and set off a stampede in which 20 people, including four foreigners, were injured.. The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Islamist millitant group Indian Mujahideen. Has SHINDE called this GREEN Terror ? It is easy to blame Pakistan but today 99% terrorists are INDIANs & living our Muslim neighbourhood.

Such is the blatant support of few actors in state machinery that today in communal UP that frenzied mobs after prayers decide the next  venue for arson & killings . Unfortunately yesterday it was the turn of 3 priests in  Oria District ( Kanpur ) who not only were killed but burnt afterwards in the furnance of Balkhandi Devi Temple in which Bandara was served regularly to needy people.  Akhilesh ji is busy in USA giving him laurels on KUMBH success where mismanagement caused mayhem on Hindu pilgrims & Qazmi is waiting to come back to start anti US rhetoric over his frisking & say with pride "I AM KHAN ::: I AM KHAN "  

Question isn't balance of Justice but addressable issue of  equitable Justice in INDIA.  While as USA can track and hunt the terrorists in 48 hrs , UPA in INDIA has failed miserably on all fronts when it comes to terrorism. Except for Colour Coding the Terrorism , all it has done is to further fragment the Indian society on religious card for its Vote Politics. It is time that Nation thinks through whether it wants USA where equitable justice is served to all or it wants Communal polarized Govt  where Army & Judiciary are enslaved to serve the purpose fo Vote Bank politics.

Choice is ours but unless we act against those mischievous elements in State Machinery, they will keep on sponsoring internal Terrorism in India. Today I am Refugee , tomorrow it will be your turn.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Are Kashmiri Pandits But ?????

My take on Leaving Biggest KP Facebook group !

I have left "We R KPs" Facebook Group although I loved it a lot because I can't see the NC agents being prayed like War Lords of Afghanistan although the same ruling party was responsible for our exodus in 1990 when it was in power under its patron Dr Farooq . They were responsible to freeing 1st set of 72 core Criminal Militants who bought havoc on our Men & Women in 1990.

How can I forget the blood ridden bodies of my own Men & raped / dead sisters of my valley by same set of terrorists. NC was co-accused as not only it let those terrorists out but was part of original Maqbool Bhat plan. Befooling community , CM Dr Farooq shut his office and ran away to London. He was worst than Bitta Karate as he left us to the mercy of killers.

Same Ruling party denied electricity to our refugee settlements JAAGTI from last 2 summers, They conspired post Amarnath agitation to break the KP DOGRA unity in Akhnoor belt and hence moved KPs to Jaagti , diverted all funds & Jobs to kashmir rather than Jammu , same political party played games against TEMPLE BILL , abetted with segments in recent conversion cases .. list is long...BUt Alas our ADMINs memory might be short.

I can tolerate enemy sipping tea with me & killing me with a bullet but I cant tolerate an act that give substance to our enemies to back stab us.

I request Admins of the group to rethink before glamorization of anti KP agents.

With Great Regrets ,

Veer Ji Wangoo

Spurious Drugs & Hurriyat Hawks Insider Angle

My ReTake on Spurious Drugs & Hurriyat Hawks Insider Angle !

Although LAW will take its own course & as a citizen of India , I have full confidence in Indian Constitution & its judiciary. 

But the arrest of Jammu based drug distributors isn't going well with my thoughts. These arrests coincides with Hurriyat Call on Spurious drugs although the questions related to drug control were in question for longtime. Was it to play a tune that suits a particular lobby that too when culprits are from marginalized exiled community in Jammu which is sore in the eyes of many anti national element always.

I will try further analyse the case but if the said culrprits are proved guilty then Mr Raina & MR Gadoo should be given severe punishment but the decision to examine them should be done by CBI rather than J&K Govt as KPs & Minorities in J&K have least trust on the establishment there post 1990 Ethnic Cleansing & further victimization in last 23 years.

Chemical composition of Drug :-

Amoxicillin Trihydrate IP` equivalent to Amoxicillin 500 mg and `Potassium Clavulanate Diluted IP` equivalent to Clavulanate Acid 125 mg, by quoting the rate for 10X10 tablets @ Rs 428.40 for the drug manufactured by M/s Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd under the brand name Maximizin-625.

What was the Charge :-

An authorization certificate purportedly issued by M/s Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd was also produced and the rates quoted by the supplier were found the lowest by the Purchase Committee-II.
“During the probe it was found that the M/s Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd had not issued any authorization to M/s Lifeline Pharmaco Surgicals and the documents were forged to secure the supply contact”,
So this is a separate issue all together ! Think Through !!!


The Govt spokesman said adding that the officials of the Purchase Committee-II, without verifying the tender documents and credentials of the supplier approved the rate contract by abusing their official position, causing wrongful gain to the suppliers and huge loss to the public exchequer and threatening the lives of the people. As per Sources "They are just distributors of the drug which is manufactured at Dehradoon. This drug is being marketed by them only. They got tender for supply of drugs to hospitals after clearance from J&K government only "


If Govt official fails to verify the tender he/she should be arrested not the contractor unless Govt of J&K proves the graft or KP Entrepreneurs corrupted by contractor. Which they haven't ? In which book is the Drug Distributors & small agencies are supposed to do chemical testing of the Drugs ? That certificate is manufacture driven & lab reports validated by Govt agency at SOURCE.

Real Issue :-

Primafacie it looks to be a matter of hushing up the case rather than addressing the root cause of the problem which J&K state hasnt done for long. Make some sacrificial distributors guilty wont solve the issue when J&K lacks coordinated efforts to verify & validate the drugs distributed or manufactered in or outside J&K .

Another set of people are looking at the conspiracy to break this business from Jammu & take it to Kashmir directly & since HUrriyat is up in arms , as such if guilty are from Nationalistic Community of J&K , they can make a case of their political wisdom.

Govt of J&K needs some quick sacrificial anodes & hence non defending minority enterprises become Handy. The Culrpits here belong to a community which has no criminal record & have been law abiding citizens in every part of the world. Govt so far has a very weak case to Justify itself. We request & demand a CBI enquiry before our brethren are beaten & subjected to third degree torture in remand at the behest of some elements who would love to see them guilty.

Boston Mosque won't bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev !!! NBC News.

My Take on Boston Mosque won't bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev !!! NBC News.

Time has come when Islamic Institutions across the civilized world should deny the funeral services and deny shelter to their dead bodies. Let them get the same burial as OSAMA BI LADEN got. This will set right example to the next generation of suicide bombers & Jihadis in USA atleast that what ever they are doing is wrong.

Else like India today they would be given FATEH prayer , tomorrow their grave will have tomb stone , few years down a whisper will flow that it has magical powers to cure the patients , then it becomes MAZAAR & then a shrine of JIHADI Secular. He will be glorified in future if the present day isnt rectified.

50% of Indian Shrines developed like this when mercenaries were either killed or won the war. I m a secular but even the much revered Sufi shrine of India has a hazy history when in Ajmer it did necessary SPY work to get Prithviraj defeated by GHORI.

Finally SPY became Sultan-ul-Hind (emperor of India) Shaikh, Khalifa & Prithviraj was hounded to Afghanistan while as before that Ghori was given MERCY many times by Prithviraj Chauhan. Today all call upon the shrine of SPY but none will remember the brave martyr of India who defended against invading GHORI.

Point here is in Kashmir , palestine and Afghanistan , numerous mosques, shrines & Ziyarats have come up , glorfying these murderers & criminals in the name of religion.

Few Men preach paradise & then others get motivated for it. It is right time that USA shows the right way & every terrorist be given sea burial with sack of Salt so that Fish ca have tasty meals.

Chinese Incursions & our Excursion to Circus at 10 JanPath

My Take on Chinese Incursions & our Excursion to Circus at 10 JanPath ! 

India will have no SPINE to fight CHINA because our greatest enemy is our State which is ruled by corrupt & anti National Politicians who are waiting in it armpits for it to fail.

I declined Chinese VISA in 2007 , I wrote to Home Ministy that Stapled VISA is equivalent to my death certificate as CHINA doesnt consider me INDIAN . That time a BABU on chair told me that it is internal affair of CHINA. 

I was angry & warned him one day when CHANDI CHOWK becomes CHEENI CHOWK that day I will call it internal matter as we all will be their slaves.

A country that doesn't recognise J&K and few more states as part of INDIA , A country which smuggles Ammunition to Indian terrorist in 8 States of RED Corridor , A country which has put the Suicide necklace around INDIA from Myammar BURMA through Srilanka , Male & Gwadar port Pakistan. In last 10 years , CHINA has crushed INDIA & held its balls tight on all geopolitical defense strategy.

On Economic front , it has wiped out our manufacturing & today even HERO HONDA chases which is called DREAM BIKE of INDIA has CHINESE made spare parts & are cheaper than KG of DAAL.

Indias silence is unnerving & an indicator to other South Asian countries that it isnt a regional power anymore & they should be on their Knees in front of Dragon. There is a circus show going on in India at 10 Janpath since last 1 decade where a puppet PM has a treacherous TripAdvisor who feasted on the heads of our brave soldiers in Ajmer with Pakistani PM. Alas he is on a trip to RED Bastion in Beijing.

Corruption has ruled the roost in India & we cant even purchase Helicopters or Bullet proof jacket for our soldier without a kickback & we want to compete with a country where every corrupt is bound to be put on gallows.

Our Opposition party Leaders primarily BJP & COmmunists have lost their focus. Unless a strong man like NAMO leads the country in crisis at least for next 1 decade , INDIA would fragment internall like a dried Mud Cake & Balkanisation will lead to the historic Choas where ITIALIAN MAFIA will leave us like SHAH of IRAN & Nationalist would be martyred on the RED CARPET .

Day isnt far when Enslaved INDIA would be carved into watermelon of Mughlistan & RED Corridor ... Alas my COutrymen are busy in scoring 175 not out with GAYLE rather than saving their innings. Future Generation of Indians will curse the current day Baby Boomers & Facebook Happy Nationalists if they dont work on Ground.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Exile Consciousness : Only Recipe to victory.

Quite often I have debated it with myself as to what would be the difference between our Success & Failure ( god forbid ) in our struggle during this Exile . I have concluded that it  is absolutely driven by two factors

  1.  Is our struggle driven by our sense of sacrifice in Exile , quest for justice ,demand for  equality & Parity in Political empowerment via Exile Consciousness ? OR
  2. By sense of victimization &  feeling of Revenge  ?

If we fight with sense of revenge , we will not even be able to convince a five year old toddler about the justification of movement against JIHADISM in Kashmir. How so ever sacred it might be to us but REVENGE is sinful feeling & Victimization is a failure of self to withstand the circumstances. It is ungrateful for a civilized & respectful man to use Victimization as potent weapon for his struggle. Although of late in India , it is the only arsenal left to gain attention but it is regretful. 

Moral standing of sacrifice isn't taking only bullets as brave men of honour but also the sacrifice made by parents for their kids to study & get educated in those refugee Camps , Quest for Justice isn't only fighting cases in Courts & bringing terrorists like Yasin & Bitta to gallows but walking miles from one PS to other to get an FIR copy registered. Not withstanding the hunger , heat & threat to live. 

Demand for Equality isnt just asking for MLC or MLA representation but a solemn right where our children can walk freely as Citizens of INDIA without a fear of Gun , intimidation or subjugated in name of RELIGION in Kashmir.

Political empowerment encompasses the same right which King Martin Luther demanded , which Nelson Mandela fought for & for which we have stood our ground from last 800 years to demand a HOMELAND.

Biggest struggle is not be in News Headlines by coming on roads but the one where a toddler of age 7 comes to his struggling parent and says "Dad , thanks for what all you  have done in last 23 yrs of Exile , Now it is my Turn "  If you win your kid , trust me 50% of battle is won as Legacy has been created.

Our failure isn't set up by Our Enemy but by our lack of will to follow the moral & logical way. I must compliment the Enemy for he has grown in leaps and bounds with his hate & sense of Revenge.

As a result they are more Isolated on every civilized forum. Killing a Village Panchayat head , Forcibly Converting a  Minority Girl , Breaking the temples of Peace & killing discussion , debate , music & social pluralism. Any Society that attempted this model in history of Mankind had to perish , so be assured that Enemy cant stand long but that long has his collapse will be self engineered. But are we mentally ready to fill the vacuum with happiness , joy & well being for all that would be left behind. 

Remember we have to be agents of Happiness , Joy & Well being in new millennium in Kashmir . Panun Kashmir symbolises that Joy of Freedom. Artist fraternity in Exile , Cultural extravaganza is not to militate one with oneself within family with bitterness but sing songs of merryment in Exile & keep the moral High.  

What else could have given such a upliftment to our struggle than this Joy of Success that we succeeded not only to keep our Exile Consciousness awake but also influenced every walk of Life in Society yet successfully earning hard earned respectful bread for ourselves.

Question is do we have patience to wait till enemy crumbles on its own; Do we have acumen to sustain till then. This wait would be from  1 yr to 1000 Yrs. So struggle is more internal than external. Make sure today your children recognize your struggle today , that your Children affiliate , understand & connect with the Struggle in Exile. Consciousness is more important than public Awareness.

 If they do so , be assured this Exile Consciousness will be our only Recipe to victory. You will breath the air of homeland through your progeny & your ashes will see the waters of Vitasta one day through your Progeny Only.  

This Joy to see future through the eyes of your CHildren is the greates achievement one can bring in his lifetime. Adore the Dream of Homeland !!!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

KASHMIR: Its Aborigines and Their Exodus

Respect Tikoo Sahabh,


Not sure if you you will ever read this but I owe few lines for you dedicated effort in writing a wonderful Book

I must have been among first 50 people who purchased your recent book yet couldn't meet or attend the launch seminar owing to many reasons. Being a slow reader , l am still reading this book as I feel to live through this research manuscript.

Every chapter takes me to the plane of emotions , nostalgia & refulgent analysis to feel what is written by you.  A bullet drilling through our martyr body , a man falling to sword of Budshikan , a burning KP library in 15th Century & Moulds of Batta Mazaar !

Feel of 800 years persecution & 5000 years of history cant be read & experienced in few months.Emotional thirst in me often drops tears on my desk & I bow my head to sacrifices & hardships of our ancestors. I grieve at the present circumstances when memories lose their meaning & few among us are  blessed by almighty to feel it. We call it Exile Consciousness as coined by Dr Agnishekhar.

EC is not a feeling of Revenge or sadness or ecstasy of victim-hood which makes us weak but a potent armour which energizes us like electron spinning in compound formation & releasing positive energy.

It is a research manuscript & deserves highest praise.  May be in todays marketing world , it may not have great attention but let me make honest confession that best books in history of mankind have made the slowest start & stayed there till today

If someday our progeny walks into UN to defend our case & seek homeland , trust me even 100th generation of ours will carry this literary piece along & quote the details from it.

I have a dream to maintain the best Library on Exile Consciousness at my home . Trust me your book along with so many others like Dardpoor ,  Jawahar Tunnel , Our Moon has Blood Clots & many more deserve the best place. You have documented our pain not only for our future generation but even for those who will deny us our right today & tomorrow.

Someday this document will relieve me of my pain to be a refugee in my own Nation. The relief which even dead didn't get on Pyre & Living couldnt get on bed.  Congratulations Once again & I am sure a personal book reading with you is must.

With Great Joy ,

Veer Ji Wangoo