Monday, May 27, 2013

Saving Kashmiri Refugee Dog in Delhi

Dear All,

So far I have raised issues , concerning Kashmiri Pandits & other minorites in Kashmir. But for the first time I am raising an issue of 100% kashmiri Dog who is seeking home in Delhi. It looks unfortunate as he too has become Refugee along with us . At least I dont want this Dog to feel the pain of Exile along with us. He needs a better guardian who has a house at least if not home.

He is well-versed with Kashmiri, the only difficulty is he can't write it.  Unfortunately that is the sad part also as he promises to learn other non kashmiri Speaking language. His mentor is my Friend who because of her fetish for native language, could not help but train him in this language at the first place because that's what he would have heard more anyway. Notwithstanding this, he is trying the corresponding Hindi words too at times. 

Unfortunately he belongs to a Kashmiri Refugee Family who have shifted couple of houses in Delhi to accommodate him already but now new landlord is asking for either dog or them again.  This Dog cant adopt to NON KASHMIRI family so quickly because of Language & food habits he has developed as such needs a Kashmiri Pandit home for survival.

In Kashmiri, he loves "rattu" , pathar beh", "wall yoor", "sabar kar"   and he hates "nyabar naer" "watch bon", "tsop kar"  His other name is Tipu Sultan but he loves "Laibella " more. 

One very special thing I observed about him is that one may find him indifferent especially because of his naughtiness and in that way unlike most of his species. But he will surprise you when you least expect him to. He is quite an observant guy; understanding. 

For now, playful as expected of his age, he will come to you in the morning as early as 6 or so & wake you up gently, if  you turn him away, he will obey and like the morning alarm come back again in no time and won't let you go until you stroke his face once or twice or just play with him. 

Like humans, every animal too, is peculiar in his own way.  I wish him a better Home away from Home & request any Kashmiri  speaking Family in Delhi NCR to adopt him before 31st May

Searching for PINAKI in VIDEO
Listening to Instructions of Mother
Listening Carefully 
Feeling Hot in Delhi Summer

Feeling Sad at loss of Home
Sleeping : "SHongith "
Time for Toilet


vishakha said...

pls mail me his details.. age breed mixed lab n ibdian i guess at

Vishakha said...
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Vishakha said...

pls aend me his detauls .. age breed(mixed lab n indian) the area n contact

Upasana Moza said...

Please send the contact details of the owner and where he needs to be picked from....

Upasana Moza said...

mail me the details of the owner...where from the dog needs to be picked/

Vishakha said...

Keeping a dog and then abandoning it is like abandoning a child..I hope people reading this get some kind of responsibility from here..

Feeding him rice and raas daar sabzi is a disaster for this dog.. you shud be feeding him non spicy saltless high protein balanced food.. Nevertheless you will get some adoption calls and most of them will be non kashmiris. Your dog anyway will be depressed for the initial time and will later adjust to the proper surroundings. Pls dont insist on a rice-rass dyar giving kashmiri family....

Totha said...

No. No, Vishakha. You have taken it wrong or may be the verbatim is misleading. 'Ras daar' isn't spicy in this case. It's like rice and dog supplements (biscuits & other things) mixed in curd water or sometimes non-spicy vegetable curry, e.g lentils or pulses, besides bread. And moreover, he also is fed with fruits.
I have had pets earlier so am aware that spices, too much salt and sugar are disastrous for their health. To top it Laibella is himself a choosy foodie.
My interaction with animal species is more than humans. I have regular canine visitors from the streets, especially in winters. Besides, other species around my place, squirrels, birds, monkeys or else. They are not my pets but neither is Laibella. He is an indivisual like me. The only thing is that he is dependant in many ways which makes me responsible for him.
About responsibility; it is because of this sense of responsibility that I have asked help from friends like Veerji or people like you who value animals. It has been escalated on FB or other networks. Blog posts and other posts elsewhere would not appear for one’s intended for lay-off, that too an animal.
I have been getting good offers otherwise, since 2-3 months now but I get skeptical because I feel unsure about the objective of the family who comes forward to "purchase" him. Many just need it for security or show-off and later keep them abondaned in their houses. I am not selling him for a price. I am selling him to give him a proper home and caretakers (with or without money involved). I have been, since 3 months, trying to find someone who has adequate space and time for my Laibella Hoon which I don't, (for being tenant). I have practically no space even for my ownself. I am not settled yet, in many ways. But I am responsible for this creature that lives in my rented house by my name. I know how painful it is. But Laibella Hoon's welfare is more important than my emotions. That was the reason I decided to atleast give him a stable home and family.

Thanks for coming up for this. I felt relieved talking to you considering the kind of system you put in while screening adopting families. I am feeling a a lot assured that he will get a family, though I have to see that to the end myself.
I want to thank you for rescuing ‘me’ (not Laibella Hoon). He is not a liability. He is my responsibility. As you assured, please arrange to provide him a family better than me.

Vishakha said...

Nice to see your concern... hang in there..ppeople are at work and as i said he will go to a good animal loving family....Dont worry a bit abt that....

Dalip Langoo said...

The imaginary story is fine can u give the details where this lab was born?