Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dawn of Panun India

Long back in 1990s , when half a million Hindus of Kashmir gave a political idiom to their suffering , world was watching them equally in resistance and acceptance . Some stood behind the lines and some on the fence , while as some took measures to break the bones of Margdharshan  much before it could unleash itself .Yet it survived and rejuvenated itself  after quarter of century. Author wants to take summarized view point on its relevance to blood stained & injured Hindu society of India.

From the Pacifier sucking centralist to the Lathi wielding Rightist , from the State sponsored bureucrat to the anti national extremist with AK 47 , this resolution was a hard hitting response on political empowerment of minority community in Muslim majority State.  A question mark on the constitutional pillars of India. A Brave act in History of independent India by a minuscule community of Hindus who never ever would have killed a lamb by themselves yet it was so audacious that every Intellectual community has been debating it for 23 years now.

Today ,these half a million   Kashmiri Pandits might have got mixed within broader contours of  Indian Civilization but they have acted like  salt in the the flour. Post 1990 , the dough isn't sweet any more but it is salty & every state / non state actor knows it very well.  Thanks to the content rich Rock salt of KP intelligentsia .

Demolition of Janambhumi structures wouldn't have been catalyzed if the ideological impetus wouldn't have come from the Kashmir situation. Ekta Yatra (1991)  preceded all these Yatras and that is where this salt of Kashmir made Hindu Dynamite more robust.  Those in action during 1990s remember very well the hustle and bustle of hindu Right wing cadre with Kashmiri Pandit Youth across pan India.

Between all this ,a segment of society within this new found camaraderie didn't anticipate that KPs would ask for separate union territory as it went against the ideology of Akhand Bharat  .It was difficult for them to comprehend that Panun Kashmir would be the building block of Panun Bharat . Concept of  Akhand Bharat was devastated in 1947 and it was irreversible.

KPs understood it as they were the sacrificial catalysts of the Kashmirs Secularism accidental experiment but larger masses in Sangh / Hindu Organisations couldn't understand it owing to their ideological compulsion. Thus the wide split in ranks was imminent.

State Actors used situation to their best advantage and planted various people to divide PK and weaken it. No wonder they broke the Party but they couldn't break the HOMELAND concept. When after 22 years , someone challenged the concept of WHY HOMELAND  that very moment HOW HOMELAND was the answer from youth for these doubting thomases. Pune Conference sent the shock waves among those who thought to dismiss it. Ratification by so many US Senators , MP Assembly and other Hindu Organisation across the world has given a new Meaning to this concept.

Experiment of Secularism & concept of  Akhand Bharat  has failed in Kashmir and now at verge of failure in whole of India as well. This leads us to firm conclusion that two Nation theory of Jinnah was right and we have failed ourselves.

What else can justify the  existence of so many refugees &  pathetic condition of large segments of Hindu society in South Asia . We have Bamiyan Budhas being broken in heart of Hindu heartland / Cow Belt .We have now 3rd wave of radicalization initiated by those who never believed in secularism but stayed on to prove us wrong after 66 Years .

From Owaisi , Madhnis , Bukharis to Abu , Karates , Kasab, Dawoods & Jindals : We must acknowledge that Indian appeasement to keep these snake charmed up has failed. They are here to bite and kill us. What are the options for Indian Society to save and stop the venom ? We need antidote !

What does this mean for the broader India in current context ? Is HOMELAND ideology only specific to KPs or doesnt it have learning for wider population of India ? Should larger Hindu segment of India give up the claim of Akhand Bharat and look for Panun Bharat wherein naturalized citizenship is awarded to Hindus like Jews in Israel ? Wherein we have one constitution , one flag and one law.

Have we reached the place in history of India where in we have to scale down and lock down the territorial borders of our nation to defend the progeny. I feel the answer is very much in  Margdharshan   for them too.

Alas , if they have that intellectual capacity to understand , absorb , reform  and Implement it.


Anonymous said...

Excellent writeup and RSS should adopt Marghdharshan for creation of Panun Bharat as Hindu Rashtra

Anonymous said...

This should be seen by the current goverment. Is this the secularism to support one religion while the majority of Hindus get attacked in various parts of country. I think all the hindu should be united for Hindu Rashtra from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Deep said...

Tears in my eyes

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