Monday, May 31, 2004

Waiting for 5.30 pm Bus

In her Faren , she was drenched in sweat . This heat she had never experience in 80 years of her life.

Wondering why environment has chanegd so radically.She was still looking for the well and the milk from her cows.

She couldnt see 2 feet ahead,Decible level of millions could disturb her. Only when some would touch her ..she would realise the body heat and make out the person.

KAKNI was not realising the heat of India ?She had shut the main door of her house only after 5.30 PM bus had come.Her son would come from srinagar in that bus.But she was wandering .why the bus was not comming??She was looking Bohb ji to return.

Why teh bus didnt come and she kept waiting...?? What happened next to her..Did Bohb ji her son return back..??

Find out the answer next few months on this blog...

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