Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free Afzhal Guru But !

Dear  Ahmed Ali fayyaz,

My reply is neither any passionate appeal against your column  nor any hate email but a request for self introspection among Kashmiri Muslim Masses before they call on India to forgive Afzhal Guru.
  •  Your column very well lets the audience know that Sopore  an apple town , proclaims God is Great so many times a day but has easily forgotten that the temple bells that used to ring from one side of Jhelum to other are quite now. People of the town have made sure that Wullar Surroundings goes to Nimaz 5 times a day but there is no Hindu household in its vicinity left to pray at any temple.  Can I seek Magnanimity from this Muslim Town ? 
  •  It is the same JKLF to whom Afzhal Guru belonged in 1990-91, when Mrs Ganjoo  was widowed on the Jhelum banks & later on abducted to Pakistan by the same militant gang. Her husband was butchered on the same river bank from where Gurus drive inspiration on India today. Hope you haven’t forgot that. May be her children have grown up today to seek justice against the Sopore Muslim town atrocities committed on hapless minorities in 1990-91
  •  Didn't Mr Sattar Guru teach the lessons of Indian Geography ,  culture and composite knowledge to his fellow kashmiris who stood mute witness to the exile of its own aborigniees Pundits but he in fact made sure that their apple orchids are either annexed , trees cut as they belonged to Kafirs and houses burnt till they were sold in distress on peanut sales every year. 
  •  Hatred of India led Afzhal to Pakistan but logic of reason made him surrender.Ultimately to rise against the same institution which gave all the freedom to be a free man. If Prof Geelani  or Md showkat were let free with evil interpretation & flawed translation of JKLF commensurate  Mohd Kak ( Post conversion name ) I wonder why Mohd Afzhal should be held back. I demand his release and he be awarded with Padma Shree next year. For the system has succumbed long back to the traitors. 
  •  For  Sikh converted to Muslim daughter in law, Afshan is indeed the victorious Heroine of this three act play of events. In Nizame Mustafa one who converts & proves to be loyal than the king in their atrocities towards the other minorities or the plural society is taken into high esteem. So have you in your editorial put her in highest esteem. Keep it up. May be if Mrs Ganjoo would have converted on the dead body of her husband in 1990 , she would have found mention in your column.
  • I am very sure that like Batla case encounter , the security Men in the parliament should be blamed for letting the terrorists into parliament & the men who laid their lives defending the Parliament should be awarded highest award of foolishness by State of India who has collaborated with people like Prof Geelani so many times.
  • You will be supported by many in Indian State in your mission to make Afzhal a morsel figure like Su Kyi of Burma & get him released to the so called freedom of Jehadi Kashmir. 
  •  Nation of India wont rise against the elements of Hurriyat among you because State has insulated their emotions and they are left unconscious in name of democracy & secularism but I pray to almighty that they wake up to raise the conscious of this state which should have hung Afzhal Guru along with Yasin malliks , Bitta Karates & geelanis who are accountable to murder of secular fabric in Kashmir & indeed guilty of ethnic cleansing
Afzhal Guru is a puppet in the hands of bigger players who still enjoy the bonhomie of Indian State. Indeed he should be freed and real masters hanged to free their nation from hidden enemies of humanity. Just yesterday Pakistani Parliamentarians were here to learn Indian Parliament functioning and none uttered a word on the parliament attack on December 13. 

Here you go as you have full support of Govt of India in your movement to render this parliamentary democracy paralytic one day.

With regards`,
Veer ji wangoo


Shali Amit said...

Afzhal Guru and his masters be given the Bharat Ratna and Noble Prize for peace !!

Ankush Bakshi said...

Afzal Guru will be hanged for sure but in the next season after he suffers dengue... :P

Ankush Bakshi said...

Afzal Guru will be hanged for sure but in the next season after he suffers dengue :P