Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Home

Days have passed and Months gone by
Years littered in garbage bags around
But time has stopped in my memory lane
Since I was forced to leave my Home !

Five windows so neatly done on every floor
Mid center scented to be called  'Thokers Kuthh'
Above it was hanging " my beautiful 'DUBB' "
Since my forefathers built my Home !

A Doorway alley that ran upto corner road ,
a massive wooden door with a big 'Toorr'
Iron revets shined in crafted wood Door
Since first man entered my home !

I was reborn on Diwali Night ,
Every year my Home shined bright
1989 it shined in Vyeth & My Neighbour admired it ,
Since then none has seen my home !
Since then none has seen my home !
Since then none has seen my home !


Veer Ji Wangoo said...

Photograph has taken from Veer Munshi Collection

Prasanna Rayaprolu said...

Tears roll into my eyes after mapping the NDTV special report on Kashmir Pandits to your blog post.
Wishing the esteemeed KP community that they get back to the valley with all the dignity and the respect they had earlier in Kashmir.
Wish and pray that you get chance to get back to your home,rebuild it and hope you get chance to spend your retired life there.