Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dreams & Reality

Every organism on earth was born , lived & died from fraction of seconds till 100s of years . Death is ultimate reality !  

NaChe Jänmo, NaChe Mrittu pache pache
 Tata Thoi Thoi, Tata Thoi Thoi, Tata Thoi thoi 

Dances life, in step follows death.
tata thoi thoi, tata thoi thoi, tata thoi thoi

 §§§  Tagore §§§

A fact that everyone among us never actually lives but we stay in two dream in our life span , One which we see when our eyes are shut & many learned men call it as a DREAM . Another one when Eyes are open and many learned men call it REALITY .

Between open & shut eyes , organism lives through imagination when he is sleeping and awake when conscious. Bbut between the dreams the continuity is broken by so called reality and our reality is assumed as contiguous  consciousness. 

When we die what if  , we might not be known in other world with what we did physically but what we mentally fed it in subconscious state which is the continuity of virtual life after death . 

What if the fruits of  KARMA are determined by thoughts and not our actions alone. 

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