Tuesday, June 01, 2004

OPrince Charming

He was young and charasmatic,So people called him prince charming...He was fascianted with the story of Ugly Duckling.

May be it was his own story.As he was growing up in the fields and pastures of Kashmir,He was a self proclaimed king of these meadows.

His only temptations was the "Sootu"(partially grounded and half burnt floor) with a salty tea (Nuuon Chai).

But some one was fast approaching his approaching his meadows.This gujjar boys pastures were soon going to experience a new shepherds and sheep.But who were they.Did he survive the on assualt of new shepherd armed with rocket propelled grenades.

Was he still prince charming or now yearning for past to come back...

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What happened to Prince Charming ?????