Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Wait

She was crying in pain ,But couldnt speak .ONly way she could gather attention was by screaming at the top her voice.

She was never like that before,At her one command children of her village would run for their life.But today in the dark room,on Moonless day she was desperate for help.Her husband in his eighties was snoring in the basement.

Their house was so big that it was not at all disturbing her husband and that was what her husband was trying for alwayz.

The villagers were calling her witch and were believing that she got the curse back on her for killing her brother in law.

Some even were of the notion that the whole property belonged to her Brother in law.

Her adopted son had settled far in the posh localities of New Delhi and had no intention to come back.

Kids were happy and making merry in her courtyard without her fear.

Only the man who would visit her was the postman,carrying some one else letter and reading for her as if her son had written a letter for her.

Society had long forgotten them..

Then came the turbulance which swept the whole village .Guess what next??

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