Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Last page of my History

Story will unfold If I have to ,
Write the last few pages of my History !
The Last white paper in my pad ,
Last drops of Ink in my pot ,
And a broken Pen in my hand!
For whom should I write,
For who will read it,
Now on ?
these last pages of our History ?
Nowhere to go or look for ,
Blank is my last page of History !
Hollowed thoughts with no action,
Will they fill ?
These last pages of our History ?

A line about blood lines
A source that went dry
A gene that went missing
A mother who forgot her spelling ?
Will they be ?
Part of last pages of our History ?
 Mutilation of Martand in ruins ,
The half burnt piles of sacred thread ,
Vermilion smeared shells of Sharda ,
Broken gates of haunting Texla ,
Predator without remorse ,
And Prey with guilty conscious !
Will this my last page of History ?
A Man frozen in  his past ,
A Child slept in dark future ,
An Old Man waiting on Pyre .
For Pyre will be lit one days
to brighten the future of Child .
Its Heat might melt the past !
Will these be the lines  !
written on  my last pages of History ?
My Last pages of History


Shali Amit said...

Awesome Writeup. This is not the last page of the history, we will make the history to repeat with a reverse genocide !!

Javid Qadri said...

@shali Amit-Go ahead please.If you want to become part of that history.