Saturday, April 07, 2012

Cycle of Karma & Trauma

He came as a refugee ,
I felt his pain & let him in !

Fed him Rice & Tea ,
Taught him my goodness !

He settled as my neighbor ,
then he worked with me  !

One day I learnt , he is now  the ruler ,
I went to greet him with warmth !

He chucked me out as an infidel ,
Asked me to be his follower !

I resented his greed & subjugation ,
but he annexed my yard in name of God !

He forced me out of my home ,
Broke my temple to make his Grave !

I stood silently in civilized sorrow ,
He called  me stupid & Weak !

Years passed , I learnt to live ,
some of my own followed him !

Today they fight in between them,
For some are now refugee & neighboring some !


Lalit Ambardar said...

Break we will,sure,this continued cycle of treacherous past & miserable present....return we will to the land of our ancestors.....betray we will not our valiant ancestors who suffered but chose not to succumb to the barbarians then....never ever will we reconcile with intolerance....return we will on our terms to the land of our origin.....

Jeevan Zutshi said...

This continued cycle doesn't include only these barbarians who entered as refugees/ guests and made the natives miserable. It is a human tendency because of the inhumans who live within us. Imagine this happening at all levels of human existence and not only limited to those who were territorial. You give shelter to your own community members, help them till you find out that they are working against you to make you miserable. Imagine family members doing the same to each other. Why just blame the intruders? They were following a plan. I would say let us move on and educate ur our community members to be more tolerant, shun jealousy, be more thankful, look after their parents, family members and fellow humanbeings!