Monday, March 05, 2012

"I bring you Home"

These lines were written after a desperate full day of work on one of our items but we couldn't meet any success. Finally as I slept on my bed , I felt someone whispering in my ears & in uneasy restless state following lines were written as they came to me !

Kashmir : It sang to me tonight "I bring you Home"
It made me feel like light  ! 
Made me see North star very bright 
Then sang to my ears 
"I bring you Home ! I bring you Home"  !

A stranger led the way we followed !
and choking on the tears we swallowed !
we could not hide as It sang: "I bring you Home ! 

I bring you Home Tonight !  I bring you Home Tonight !
This is your last Night  & so ,I bring you Home tonight "

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