Monday, May 20, 2013

Fall from Grace : Need Social Renaissance

Few of my friends were attending a Marriage ceremony & I was constantly in touch with them as they were supposed to come for a night stay at my place post Dinner. I thought to catch up some time with them but finally till midnight they didn't arrive . I was curious to know about their change in plan but only came to know about the cause in morning wee hours.

As per the series of events , it was an unusual groom party with men drunk as if they were having last Bharaat of their life & world would come to an end next day morning. They drank even in the Temple Premises & to my surprise &;  astonishment , a drink was floated to groom who rode a big mare as well with a Punjabi Pagdi.

There was nothing Kashmiri about it except the poor Brahmin ( who too was a non Kashmiri )  had to solemnize the marriage in Kashmiri Hindu tradition. By few miles , people were drunk enough with whiskey , wine , imported brands being displayed with Ego .  When they left Temple , my friends could sense that not everything would go right.

Within few miles, negative vibes were around & by the time they reached Brides door step , Dancing monkeys were all up in arms for fun & frolic. Mahraaz & his Clan were being pushed like potato & carrots on the gates. I recalled the JOKE about a Mouse who was dancing in lions marriage & when asked about his passion to dance so much..he told everyone that he is brother of Groom. It was only after his own marriage he became a mouse else he too was a lion before Marriage.

Anyway the pushing and punching started and in some time : two groups of Kps fought bitterly among themselves in Groom party & exchanged all verbal abuses & blows. None knows the cause of brawl but Jaats from Bride side were so worried that they took out daggers to save their Groom.

Some commented that Groom must be from Chambal as they only fight like this & some even called it a low caste affair. Another man in group made a comment that it wasn't KP group for sure & this love marriage must have been with KMs as they are so agree.

I compared the situation from a high class KP family to those living in Camps whom we often subject to debate on Drinking habits & drug abuse. Somehow I was forced to ask few questions to myself

Marriage was solemn occasion of Vedic Kriya Kalaap for us till 1990 but ostentatious display of money , exorbitant display of lustrous materialism in marriage in last few years has made me wonder that we have outdone others in North India at least. Even on Yagnopavits , Cock tail bars are open & Non Veg dishes are served. Still I keep my hope against Hope.

Drinking , Drugs & Easy Dollars has resulted in degradation never witnessed in History of Kashmiri Pandits. Feel let down badly by my own community than by enemies of this community.  But still I keep my hope against the hope.

Are we morally bankrupt from top to down ? Has god Pushed us on the way of self destruction. In Jaagti , We blame anti social agencies for spreading drug menace but whom do I blame in Delhi. Am I on the wrong side of History or at the wrong place ? I cant answer my conscious.!!!

At the end , I only pray alongside my mother who often consoles me in such situation to pray for a renaissance in country & in our society in particular. Unless Drugs , Drinking alcohol & Display of Materialism end in my community , I am not sure how long the things will be like that.

Then we ponder why someone died of starvation & a 6 yr old Girl being raped by a Fellow KP in Jaagti. May Almighty only help us now as we are doomed to extinction & self destruction.

Note: - Any resemblance of this blog is matter of coincidence & author doesn't guarantee any kind of fiction or Fact

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