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Twin City : A Failed Setup by Agencies Via Interlocutors !!

Few Years Back someone called Interlocutors were widely publicized glam & sham of Kashmir related affairs. The much delayed Report was finally released & it is as is on my table ( 1st page I burnt long back ) & Till now it doesn't  deserve a binding in my personal library as I considered worth a junk.

It has caught so much dust that few weeks back I thought to use for Rough copies on my cardboard & guess what my daughter made a cartoon on it which I thought might be used to write my notes. 

Angry Birds : Interlocutor Report
It died a sudden death within 1st month when all sections of society from nationalists , separatists & main stream political parties including the so called intellectual community rejected it.

It met the same fate as of Justice Sabeer etc & was an another failed attempt by GOI (read Congress ) agencies to somehow address Kashmir Issue & negotiate peace. It failed to address or even describe the root cause of this whole problem which was  actually linked to Pan Islamic Jihadi agenda.

World had forgotten these three musketeers who were known to create more confusions & had been discredited for their links with FAI episode in USA. Suddenly few KPs hosted by few unknown agencies get together in hurry & host them for a wazwaan Meeting. 

Suddenly some one wakes up to Utopian  & enslaved concept of twin Cities for Kashmiri Pandits as if the Hitler wanted to have DR ( disaster recovery ) for all Jews that were left in Auschwitz in Poland  to some other place in Europe. 

As expected those who rather than like strong wood of Deodar stand straight on their conviction but have tendency of crappers , started to climb up on these twin city walls. I will reply to their naive suggestion one by one &  try to clear the conflict of interest that some vested interests have generated.

Statement 1

 Admitting that State and Central Governments have done nothing except giving assurances on return and rehabilitation of internally displaced Kashmiri Pandits from Valley, the Central Interlocutors on J&K have recommended construction of composite twin city for Srinagar under the name of NAV Srinagar for the rehabilitation of displaced Pandits in Valley.

My Take .

We live in kashmir where not even two ft expansion pony road to Amarnath shrine becomes hell of an issue.Are we naive that Govt would be allowed to construct NAV SRINAGAR for us. Blood will flow under 7 bridges of Srinagar , dare if even J&K govt talks about it. Khurriyat will get a wonderful opportunity to burn another summer of discontent.  Twin City  :- Why 2 ? Why not 1  ? what is the logic. Are we creating Ramallah & Gaza patty here.  Composite :- If it is composite then why a separate demarcation ? If they have so much faith in composite culture , let them settle us at same village , mohalla or locality. Gaurantee us the plural culture unlike today where not even my daughter can pick up a guitar but their daughters can use gun to kill a Sarpanch. Even today 30 Sikh Girls have been reported to be converted to ISLAM & 4 KP girls were done recently under aiding & abetting by JIHADI forces . Is this Composite way fo life that we will have to live in under constant fear of conversions ?

Statement 2

In their final and Feed back report submitted to Union Home Ministry for consideration after meting the aggrieved people from various communities in the State during their visit, the two Interlocutors Dilip Padgoankar and Radha Kumar made it clear that the return of internally displaced Pandits can be only possible by settling the entire KP community at a single concentrated place just like Sikhs, Shias etc live in concentrated places in Kashmir.

My Take 

Isn't this statement against Statement 1  which says two cities & in same press release they say 1 contiguous place but concentrated ! Think through they want us to be isolated. In statement 1 they want Composite & in Statement 2 , they want Shia , Sikh , Christian , Buddhist & then KP Pockets ( 1 or 2 : they seem to be unsure ) . Isn't it against Indian constitution ? Arent they trying to create confusion in Kashmiri Society & advocating Baluchistan/Afghan model where fortification of communities has become easy for terrorist bombings ?  Are we Hazaras of Pakistan that we should be concentrated into a ghetto with no logical or physical access to rest of INDIA but at the mercy of majority Sunny JIhadis around us .

Statement 3

Expressing concern over the plight of the KP students and youth, the interlocutors have also recommended that the displaced youth be given Government services and colleges.

My Take 

If we check their Interlocutor report , there was no such concrete proposal. & even few in yesteryears intellectual circles had written vociferous against them for neglecting the proper attention on this issue. Alas they are appalling them today.

 Was it a side note now or redemption for missing us under pressure of PDP & NC or they realized it after such a long time. Remember 90% KP Youth is outside state now & 50% have moved outside India now. Whom are they singing these Bhajans to ? 

Project UDAAN has been a big failure in Jammu camps & especially in KP Community in Jammu !( Needs another article as to how J&K govt hijacked it from Panun Kashmir & failed it )  

Approximately 25% of those appointed to teacher posts under PM scheme have resigned sightings security concerns in valley & embarrassment at the hands of majority community. 
We witnessed at least 3-4 cases where our girls were converted to ISLAM by coercion. 

Wasn't it the same group of interlocutors who asked that more KP women rather than men should be employed by state & finally 80% were women in PM Package.  They wanted our women to be bridge between KPs & KMs.. so they have achieved 4 cases of conversion . What have they come back for now ? Some more ?

Wasn't it a design of failure ? Didn't Interlocutors know it ? How many scholarships have been given to KP Students by J&K Govt post 1990 ? How many Loans have been provided ? Our exodus from Kashmir was political but from Jammu it was an coerced economic exodus which culminated our ethnic cleaning from state of J&K thanks to interlocutors like them who designed such policies.

Statement 4

Admitting that the ethnic cleansing on displaced Pandits was forced on them, the interlocutors made it clear that the return of the community can’t be made under any truncated formula. They strongly advocated for acceptance of the guidelines given by the Working Group on internally displaced people at UN Human Rights Council in this regard.

My Take 

Why didn't they admit this in their report ? They have not mentioned the reasons for Exodus like this ever before ! Why Now ?   Truncated formalism was invented by them & why didnt they ask in their report to recognize KPs as internally Displaced refugees & be treated under UNHRC ? Why has their conscious come to life now when elections are to happened on other side of tunnel ? Are they playing to tune of UPA or NDA ?  Worst is some monkey headed intellectuals quickly start jumping around on these peanuts thinking it will elevate them with political viagra.

Statement 5

In their recommendations they further suggested that at least four out of a compendium of fundamentals are of vital importance those are non refloulment, concentrated and comprehensive living, recognition of specific identity and political empowerment with viable means of sustenance.

My Take 

Lets say twin cities come into existence & they talk of political empowerment with viable means of sustenance. Isn't this what Panun Kashmir is asking for. Political empowerment will come when constitution of India is fully applicable &  recognition of specific identity will be possible only when Margdharshan adopted by all the KPs in 90's is applied. What other way are they suggesting :  Is it promoting few YES MEN from OPEX/CAPEX council to pity MLC posts ?

Statement 6

The interlocutors have urged the Government to implement return formula of Pandits in letter and spirit. They expressed concern that the political, economic and social space of Pandits is shrinking in Valley and also recommended that Pandits should have minority positions in Assembly and Legislative Council of the state

My Take 

lets analyse the underlined : while as Statement 5 was unimpressive but its closure happens in Statement 6 . In 1990 we had some MLA & MLCs in Assembly , Question is why weren't they able to stop the 7th exodus ? Wasn't Raman Mattoo an MLA recently ? What benefit will it give to community ? Any MLA or MLC nominated to Assembly will have to speak the tunes of party they belong. NC or PDP : Self Rule or someone like Engineer Rashid will make them Pro Azaaadi. Getting corrupt in Kashmir isn't that difficult ? Are we keeping our stakes to such nominated & hand picked people who haven't been elected directly by community ?  T

As it would have it , Serious thinkers in community will dismiss this exercise as self promotion exercise using the spent Interlocutor force. This will not only dilute the political clout of KPs where HOMELAND resolutions have been passed in USA & in assemblies like MP. Where more and more are advocating scrapping Article 370 & ensuring that only political dispensation possible to KPs is under the Indian Constitution rather than creating enslaved blocks of KPs under J&K anti Minority commission which neither could establish any probe into 7th exodus not implemented any Minority commission for non muslims in state. Less said the better on Temple land sales & Temple Bill . 

In net summary some key intellectuals are playing in hands of agencies & at the end KP in general would suffer like they are today in JAGTI.

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Anonymous said...

One thing should be understood by all, who claim to be Scholars(pseudo)- on the issue of Forced exodus of KP's.The exodus was primarily because of Gradual Islamisation of the valley.
Return is possible if Govt either un-islamises the valley(which means-mufti will have to salute tri-color,Geelani will have to shun wahabi-ism,NC will not play islam-card and least,but not the least,the killers of Kashmiri pandit like Bitta Karate and Yasin Malik are arrested and hanged stealthly like Ajmal Kasab and Afzal guru
.Restoring original hindu names to various places in the valley,declaring all the property deals post-1997(where kp is involved)null and void.And practise Religious equmanity(not the hegemony of Islam as is the case.)
If the above conditions are not possible to adhere,then simply give KP'S their Homeland.Twin cities can not provide security to KP's,and because of the lack of security,kp's were forced into exile(1889-90)