Saturday, May 25, 2013


I wish to introspect the 3 incidents: with due respects to all seniors & organisations.  


1. Kuldeep died of Starvation which started from mental trauma of isolation & social apathy to its neighbors. 
2. Another case that occurred just yesterday where a 15+ old Girl committed suicide in lane 8 probably.
3. Few months back KPs reported its first ever RAPE Case where victim was jsut  8 Yrs old & rapist was another KP in 40/50s age group in same camp.

Can anyone ever imagine that such gory incidents can happen in our community ? I did a detailed RCA : Root Cause Analysis at my level . I talked to many people for the causes rather than shifting to blame theories 

  • Breakdown of Family & Social System among KPs , not only in Jaagti but across the world will see some more worst cases appearing.
  • Mainstream parties bringing in Govt Agenda to divide & rule among Kps
  • Unlike Camps , Authority of Camp Commander being diluted by vested interests
  • Lack of coordinated efforts among Kps outside Jaagti to get involved with the so called "lesser motals "
  • Victimization of Jaagti Residents by Kps itseld in name of few ACs as it it was big Sin
  • Lost of Syezarr , Pazzarr Schhochar in KP masses.
  • Govt Aided Agents halting the Honest Political Ideology & its cadre into jaagti by using money & muscle power : spreading venom against the real Political ideology.
  • There is not a single Police post but there is concentrated & well orchestrated Mafia of Drugs & Liquor suppliers which has affected the psychological & social behavior of Residents
  • Lack of Services  like Power supply for 18 hrs a day in that desert area resulting in frustration of people.
  • Canard against the KPs in local circles & in Kashmir with worst intention to break the moral high standards of this Community.
  • Lost of faith in fellow KPs across the world & breakdown of communication between then folks.

I will not put the blame on anyone . I request everyone to ponder on the causes & then I am sure with all honesty , Solutions aren't difficult to imagine. 

Last but not least lost of EXILE CONSCIOUSNESS which is the only remedy to all ills in KP society today 

Regards ,
Veer Ji Wangoo

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