Thursday, May 09, 2013

Wellness & Morality : Conviction of Nationalists

“How can one be well...when one suffers morally?”   ―  Leo TolstoyWar and Peace

State of India & nation of India reflects a poignant story of comparison &  interrelationship for wellness & Morality .  We are at a stage where Country is unwell and State has turned immoral.

Post Karnataka  elections , a lot will be written by commentators & page 3 Editors but this post is meant to be a simple self assessment of conviction by a grass root level worker who wishes to see BJP in central office in 2014.

At the outset , let me make objective points why as a grass root supporter , worker & voter of BJP remains convinced that he/she is with a party which has moral high benchmark even if it has lost the assembly elections in few states.

Over next few Days , I would like to introspect each objective as listed below for the party with which I stand principally : BJP 

Objective 1 :- Non Negotiable : Ideology of Nationalism !

Objective 2 : History of BJP Rule & Our Principle Stand on Pillars of Democracy !

Objective 3: Our Stand on Corruption is vindicated by our actions !

Objective 4 : Our Current Conviction on National Security !

Objective 5 : Voter Segmentation  &  maturity !

Objective 6 : World View on BJP as an ethical & Strong party ?

Objective 7 : What is to be done & How to address the challenges ?

Objective 8 : Documentation of current challenges for 2014 Elections in our constituency ?

I hope you would like to contribute your comments & help us consolidate the BJP ( NDA ) Vote for coming election . Time has come to rally behind one leader & one Flag if we have to make a change & saving this Nation from corrupt Congress Govt at Delhi. 

It is no less than next war of Independence for which we all have to be ready to sacrifice our time & efforts.

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