Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spurious Drugs & Hurriyat Hawks Insider Angle

My ReTake on Spurious Drugs & Hurriyat Hawks Insider Angle !

Although LAW will take its own course & as a citizen of India , I have full confidence in Indian Constitution & its judiciary. 

But the arrest of Jammu based drug distributors isn't going well with my thoughts. These arrests coincides with Hurriyat Call on Spurious drugs although the questions related to drug control were in question for longtime. Was it to play a tune that suits a particular lobby that too when culprits are from marginalized exiled community in Jammu which is sore in the eyes of many anti national element always.

I will try further analyse the case but if the said culrprits are proved guilty then Mr Raina & MR Gadoo should be given severe punishment but the decision to examine them should be done by CBI rather than J&K Govt as KPs & Minorities in J&K have least trust on the establishment there post 1990 Ethnic Cleansing & further victimization in last 23 years.

Chemical composition of Drug :-

Amoxicillin Trihydrate IP` equivalent to Amoxicillin 500 mg and `Potassium Clavulanate Diluted IP` equivalent to Clavulanate Acid 125 mg, by quoting the rate for 10X10 tablets @ Rs 428.40 for the drug manufactured by M/s Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd under the brand name Maximizin-625.

What was the Charge :-

An authorization certificate purportedly issued by M/s Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd was also produced and the rates quoted by the supplier were found the lowest by the Purchase Committee-II.
“During the probe it was found that the M/s Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd had not issued any authorization to M/s Lifeline Pharmaco Surgicals and the documents were forged to secure the supply contact”,
So this is a separate issue all together ! Think Through !!!


The Govt spokesman said adding that the officials of the Purchase Committee-II, without verifying the tender documents and credentials of the supplier approved the rate contract by abusing their official position, causing wrongful gain to the suppliers and huge loss to the public exchequer and threatening the lives of the people. As per Sources "They are just distributors of the drug which is manufactured at Dehradoon. This drug is being marketed by them only. They got tender for supply of drugs to hospitals after clearance from J&K government only "


If Govt official fails to verify the tender he/she should be arrested not the contractor unless Govt of J&K proves the graft or KP Entrepreneurs corrupted by contractor. Which they haven't ? In which book is the Drug Distributors & small agencies are supposed to do chemical testing of the Drugs ? That certificate is manufacture driven & lab reports validated by Govt agency at SOURCE.

Real Issue :-

Primafacie it looks to be a matter of hushing up the case rather than addressing the root cause of the problem which J&K state hasnt done for long. Make some sacrificial distributors guilty wont solve the issue when J&K lacks coordinated efforts to verify & validate the drugs distributed or manufactered in or outside J&K .

Another set of people are looking at the conspiracy to break this business from Jammu & take it to Kashmir directly & since HUrriyat is up in arms , as such if guilty are from Nationalistic Community of J&K , they can make a case of their political wisdom.

Govt of J&K needs some quick sacrificial anodes & hence non defending minority enterprises become Handy. The Culrpits here belong to a community which has no criminal record & have been law abiding citizens in every part of the world. Govt so far has a very weak case to Justify itself. We request & demand a CBI enquiry before our brethren are beaten & subjected to third degree torture in remand at the behest of some elements who would love to see them guilty.

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