Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stupid Prime Minister of INDIA

My Take on Stupid Prime Minister of INDIA 

Mr PM of INDIA ,

I respect your chair & Office but I take an offense when you call Chinese Incursion in my Ladakh a local problem ! Have you alienated my right as an Indian with your statement .

Nehru's Historic Dumb thought to Chinese Invasion in 1960s was "not a blade of grass grows there " & compare it with MMS dumbest quote today " "We do have a plan. We do not want to accentuate the situation. . It is a localized problem " 

Whether someone outrages the modesty with condom or without it , it is a legal offence . Putting a wrapped over it what I call the our Govt Hermaphroditic attitude since 1947. They don't deserve to be the bosses of J&K. Whether it was 1947 , 1962 , 1965, 1971 , 1990 , 1999 or 2013. 

Every time Delhi has failed the nationalist sentiment of J&K. Day isn't far when LADAKH for their own safety will have to unanimously surrender to Dragon & our DOTI PRASADs in Delhi will still call it local problem.

Mr Prime Minister if LADAKH  ( J/K ) is a localized problem , get the hell out of my local Problem. If Chinese Army would have incurred 19 KM into UP or PUNJAB : would you have called it localized problem ? Is Delhi global & LADAKH  Local ?

You are RAT who has lost his HOLE & trying to call SNAKE a ROPE.. You are worse than any Enemy that this nation could have. Please don't change from Prime Minister ! ~~~ Prime Sinister ?

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