Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chinese Incursions & our Excursion to Circus at 10 JanPath

My Take on Chinese Incursions & our Excursion to Circus at 10 JanPath ! 

India will have no SPINE to fight CHINA because our greatest enemy is our State which is ruled by corrupt & anti National Politicians who are waiting in it armpits for it to fail.

I declined Chinese VISA in 2007 , I wrote to Home Ministy that Stapled VISA is equivalent to my death certificate as CHINA doesnt consider me INDIAN . That time a BABU on chair told me that it is internal affair of CHINA. 

I was angry & warned him one day when CHANDI CHOWK becomes CHEENI CHOWK that day I will call it internal matter as we all will be their slaves.

A country that doesn't recognise J&K and few more states as part of INDIA , A country which smuggles Ammunition to Indian terrorist in 8 States of RED Corridor , A country which has put the Suicide necklace around INDIA from Myammar BURMA through Srilanka , Male & Gwadar port Pakistan. In last 10 years , CHINA has crushed INDIA & held its balls tight on all geopolitical defense strategy.

On Economic front , it has wiped out our manufacturing & today even HERO HONDA chases which is called DREAM BIKE of INDIA has CHINESE made spare parts & are cheaper than KG of DAAL.

Indias silence is unnerving & an indicator to other South Asian countries that it isnt a regional power anymore & they should be on their Knees in front of Dragon. There is a circus show going on in India at 10 Janpath since last 1 decade where a puppet PM has a treacherous TripAdvisor who feasted on the heads of our brave soldiers in Ajmer with Pakistani PM. Alas he is on a trip to RED Bastion in Beijing.

Corruption has ruled the roost in India & we cant even purchase Helicopters or Bullet proof jacket for our soldier without a kickback & we want to compete with a country where every corrupt is bound to be put on gallows.

Our Opposition party Leaders primarily BJP & COmmunists have lost their focus. Unless a strong man like NAMO leads the country in crisis at least for next 1 decade , INDIA would fragment internall like a dried Mud Cake & Balkanisation will lead to the historic Choas where ITIALIAN MAFIA will leave us like SHAH of IRAN & Nationalist would be martyred on the RED CARPET .

Day isnt far when Enslaved INDIA would be carved into watermelon of Mughlistan & RED Corridor ... Alas my COutrymen are busy in scoring 175 not out with GAYLE rather than saving their innings. Future Generation of Indians will curse the current day Baby Boomers & Facebook Happy Nationalists if they dont work on Ground.

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