Tuesday, April 09, 2013

KASHMIR: Its Aborigines and Their Exodus

Respect Tikoo Sahabh,


Not sure if you you will ever read this but I owe few lines for you dedicated effort in writing a wonderful Book

I must have been among first 50 people who purchased your recent book yet couldn't meet or attend the launch seminar owing to many reasons. Being a slow reader , l am still reading this book as I feel to live through this research manuscript.

Every chapter takes me to the plane of emotions , nostalgia & refulgent analysis to feel what is written by you.  A bullet drilling through our martyr body , a man falling to sword of Budshikan , a burning KP library in 15th Century & Moulds of Batta Mazaar !

Feel of 800 years persecution & 5000 years of history cant be read & experienced in few months.Emotional thirst in me often drops tears on my desk & I bow my head to sacrifices & hardships of our ancestors. I grieve at the present circumstances when memories lose their meaning & few among us are  blessed by almighty to feel it. We call it Exile Consciousness as coined by Dr Agnishekhar.

EC is not a feeling of Revenge or sadness or ecstasy of victim-hood which makes us weak but a potent armour which energizes us like electron spinning in compound formation & releasing positive energy.

It is a research manuscript & deserves highest praise.  May be in todays marketing world , it may not have great attention but let me make honest confession that best books in history of mankind have made the slowest start & stayed there till today

If someday our progeny walks into UN to defend our case & seek homeland , trust me even 100th generation of ours will carry this literary piece along & quote the details from it.

I have a dream to maintain the best Library on Exile Consciousness at my home . Trust me your book along with so many others like Dardpoor ,  Jawahar Tunnel , Our Moon has Blood Clots & many more deserve the best place. You have documented our pain not only for our future generation but even for those who will deny us our right today & tomorrow.

Someday this document will relieve me of my pain to be a refugee in my own Nation. The relief which even dead didn't get on Pyre & Living couldnt get on bed.  Congratulations Once again & I am sure a personal book reading with you is must.

With Great Joy ,

Veer Ji Wangoo

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Anonymous said...

The words flow like an unhindered mountainous stream dancing down the height in a carefree and innocent movements. Pure in thought, intent and action. The book has its merits your words make those come alive. Orzu.
Kamal HAk