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Are UP State Actors Sponsoring Internal Terrorism ???

At the outset it might look to be a funny subject but that is the reality of today . UPA govt with its appeasement policy to any anti national within or outside the borders of India & drenched in the murky politics of keeping 272 numbers intact doesn't see any rational for any logical conclusion on state of affairs.

Indian Nation has been crippled by Indian State which has left its citizens to itself.  After every Bomb blast , its ex- Home minister Mr Patil used to change attire to suit the time & lights of  News Room. Its current Home Minister believes in first coloring the Blast whether Green , Red or Saffron . 

May be he is on so many trips that RAG ( Red , Amber or Green ) status of every Bomb blast on every signal color codes his Myopic view of the security arrangement.  So all I wish that he turns color blind to terrorism which isnt the case considering orders from JANPATH to be on WARPATH against active nationalism.

Terror attacks have show cased a remarkable phenomenon in last  few years with not a single prosecution or any cases cracked  so far.

DateIncidentFatalitiesInjuredStatus of case (Arrests made/ Cracked/ Verdict given)
January 1, 2008Terror attack on CRPF camp in RampurUttar Pradesh by Lashkar-e-Taiba,[17]85
May 13, 2008Jaipur bombings: 9 bomb blasts along 6 areas in Jaipur63
July 25, 20082008 Bangalore serial blasts: 8 low intensity bomb blasts in Bangalore220arrests made
July 26, 20082008 Ahmedabad blasts: 17 serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad29110arrests made
September 13, 200813 September 2008 Delhi bombings: 5 bomb blasts in Delhi markets21110
September 27, 200827 September 2008 Delhi blast: Bombings at Mehrauli area, 2 bomb blasts in Delhi flower market117
September 29, 200829 September 2008 western India bombings: 10 killed and 80 injured in bombings in Maharashtra (including Malegaon) and Gujarat bomb blasts1080
October 1, 20082008 Agartala bombings4100
October 21, 20082008 Imphal bombing1740
October 30, 20082008 Assam bombings77300
November 26, 20082008 Mumbai attacks171239arrests made but no conviction proved.
January 1, 20092009 Guwahati bombings667
April 6, 20092009 Assam bombings762
February 13, 20102010 Pune bombing1760
December 7, 20102010 Varanasi bombing120
July 13, 20112011 Mumbai bombings26130
September 7, 20112011 Delhi bombing1276
February 13, 20122012 attacks on Israeli diplomats04
August 1, 20122012 Pune bombings01
February 21, 20132013 Hyderabad blasts16119
March 13, 20132013 Srinagar attack710
17 April 20132013 Bangalore blast16

Look at the chart above & you will feel in the middle of Civil War in India.  God forbid if above stats are replicated to any honorable country in this world , it would have been in state of War against Terrorism.  

There seems to be no urgency in UPA to tackle this menace while as it seems to be hand in glove with parties like Samajwadi in UP who rather than investigating the 3 crucial bombings as listed below have today released HUJI  chief Mentor & Active Terrorist Tariq Qasmi on instructions of Mr Qazmi who is crying foul of frisking in USA by border control.  

I wish such terror appeasement is stopped in name of MUSLIM & MINORITY Card. Justice R K Aggarwal on Nov 22 , 2012 asked SP categorically that cases against them are pending but alas who will hear & finally Judge remarked " Today you release them & tomorrow you will also give them Padma Bhushan " Such is the state of affiars that we seem to be ruled by Anti National State Actors now where judiciary has been enslaved as well.

Till last year I used to blame only J&K Govt which let hardcore Terrorists like Bitta Karate & Yasin Malik free & marry KAS Officers & Pakistani Citizens & still share dais with Lashker Chief in Pakistan.  we call it spineless state but we should call it SPINELESS Rattle Snake which is biting the Nation with its venom.

Countrymen must realize that some elements in power are itself sponsoring the terrorism in India by collaborating with the terrorists in the name of Religion & Vote Bank Politics.  While as Ajmer Blasts accused in this blast are so called  Hindu Terrorist Sadhvi Pragya ji ( who is on death bed with dreaded disease Cancer but still not allowed to be cured or not even allowed to see her dead father ) are on the lips of Mr Shinde  but I havent seen a word from on below Attacks specifically where target was HINDU pilgrimage centers in UP

2006 Varanasi blasts

A series of blasts occurred across the Hindu holy city of Varanasi on 7 March 2006. Fifteen people are reported to have been killed and as many as 101 others were injured. No one has accepted responsibility for the attacks, but it is speculated that the bombings were carried out in retaliation of the arrest of a Lashkar-e-Toiba agent in Varanasi earlier in February 2006.

2010 Varanasi blasts

On 7 December 2010, another blast occurred in Varanasi, that killed immediately a toddler, and set off a stampede in which 20 people, including four foreigners, were injured.. The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Islamist millitant group Indian Mujahideen. Has SHINDE called this GREEN Terror ? It is easy to blame Pakistan but today 99% terrorists are INDIANs & living our Muslim neighbourhood.

Such is the blatant support of few actors in state machinery that today in communal UP that frenzied mobs after prayers decide the next  venue for arson & killings . Unfortunately yesterday it was the turn of 3 priests in  Oria District ( Kanpur ) who not only were killed but burnt afterwards in the furnance of Balkhandi Devi Temple in which Bandara was served regularly to needy people.  Akhilesh ji is busy in USA giving him laurels on KUMBH success where mismanagement caused mayhem on Hindu pilgrims & Qazmi is waiting to come back to start anti US rhetoric over his frisking & say with pride "I AM KHAN ::: I AM KHAN "  

Question isn't balance of Justice but addressable issue of  equitable Justice in INDIA.  While as USA can track and hunt the terrorists in 48 hrs , UPA in INDIA has failed miserably on all fronts when it comes to terrorism. Except for Colour Coding the Terrorism , all it has done is to further fragment the Indian society on religious card for its Vote Politics. It is time that Nation thinks through whether it wants USA where equitable justice is served to all or it wants Communal polarized Govt  where Army & Judiciary are enslaved to serve the purpose fo Vote Bank politics.

Choice is ours but unless we act against those mischievous elements in State Machinery, they will keep on sponsoring internal Terrorism in India. Today I am Refugee , tomorrow it will be your turn.

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