Saturday, April 13, 2013

Exile Consciousness : Only Recipe to victory.

Quite often I have debated it with myself as to what would be the difference between our Success & Failure ( god forbid ) in our struggle during this Exile . I have concluded that it  is absolutely driven by two factors

  1.  Is our struggle driven by our sense of sacrifice in Exile , quest for justice ,demand for  equality & Parity in Political empowerment via Exile Consciousness ? OR
  2. By sense of victimization &  feeling of Revenge  ?

If we fight with sense of revenge , we will not even be able to convince a five year old toddler about the justification of movement against JIHADISM in Kashmir. How so ever sacred it might be to us but REVENGE is sinful feeling & Victimization is a failure of self to withstand the circumstances. It is ungrateful for a civilized & respectful man to use Victimization as potent weapon for his struggle. Although of late in India , it is the only arsenal left to gain attention but it is regretful. 

Moral standing of sacrifice isn't taking only bullets as brave men of honour but also the sacrifice made by parents for their kids to study & get educated in those refugee Camps , Quest for Justice isn't only fighting cases in Courts & bringing terrorists like Yasin & Bitta to gallows but walking miles from one PS to other to get an FIR copy registered. Not withstanding the hunger , heat & threat to live. 

Demand for Equality isnt just asking for MLC or MLA representation but a solemn right where our children can walk freely as Citizens of INDIA without a fear of Gun , intimidation or subjugated in name of RELIGION in Kashmir.

Political empowerment encompasses the same right which King Martin Luther demanded , which Nelson Mandela fought for & for which we have stood our ground from last 800 years to demand a HOMELAND.

Biggest struggle is not be in News Headlines by coming on roads but the one where a toddler of age 7 comes to his struggling parent and says "Dad , thanks for what all you  have done in last 23 yrs of Exile , Now it is my Turn "  If you win your kid , trust me 50% of battle is won as Legacy has been created.

Our failure isn't set up by Our Enemy but by our lack of will to follow the moral & logical way. I must compliment the Enemy for he has grown in leaps and bounds with his hate & sense of Revenge.

As a result they are more Isolated on every civilized forum. Killing a Village Panchayat head , Forcibly Converting a  Minority Girl , Breaking the temples of Peace & killing discussion , debate , music & social pluralism. Any Society that attempted this model in history of Mankind had to perish , so be assured that Enemy cant stand long but that long has his collapse will be self engineered. But are we mentally ready to fill the vacuum with happiness , joy & well being for all that would be left behind. 

Remember we have to be agents of Happiness , Joy & Well being in new millennium in Kashmir . Panun Kashmir symbolises that Joy of Freedom. Artist fraternity in Exile , Cultural extravaganza is not to militate one with oneself within family with bitterness but sing songs of merryment in Exile & keep the moral High.  

What else could have given such a upliftment to our struggle than this Joy of Success that we succeeded not only to keep our Exile Consciousness awake but also influenced every walk of Life in Society yet successfully earning hard earned respectful bread for ourselves.

Question is do we have patience to wait till enemy crumbles on its own; Do we have acumen to sustain till then. This wait would be from  1 yr to 1000 Yrs. So struggle is more internal than external. Make sure today your children recognize your struggle today , that your Children affiliate , understand & connect with the Struggle in Exile. Consciousness is more important than public Awareness.

 If they do so , be assured this Exile Consciousness will be our only Recipe to victory. You will breath the air of homeland through your progeny & your ashes will see the waters of Vitasta one day through your Progeny Only.  

This Joy to see future through the eyes of your CHildren is the greates achievement one can bring in his lifetime. Adore the Dream of Homeland !!!


Mohan Muju said...

An interesting and cool, presentation of our cultural and existential realism.

Mohan K Muju
Currently in USA

Veer Ji Wangoo said...

Many Thanks