Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Are Kashmiri Pandits But ?????

My take on Leaving Biggest KP Facebook group !

I have left "We R KPs" Facebook Group although I loved it a lot because I can't see the NC agents being prayed like War Lords of Afghanistan although the same ruling party was responsible for our exodus in 1990 when it was in power under its patron Dr Farooq . They were responsible to freeing 1st set of 72 core Criminal Militants who bought havoc on our Men & Women in 1990.

How can I forget the blood ridden bodies of my own Men & raped / dead sisters of my valley by same set of terrorists. NC was co-accused as not only it let those terrorists out but was part of original Maqbool Bhat plan. Befooling community , CM Dr Farooq shut his office and ran away to London. He was worst than Bitta Karate as he left us to the mercy of killers.

Same Ruling party denied electricity to our refugee settlements JAAGTI from last 2 summers, They conspired post Amarnath agitation to break the KP DOGRA unity in Akhnoor belt and hence moved KPs to Jaagti , diverted all funds & Jobs to kashmir rather than Jammu , same political party played games against TEMPLE BILL , abetted with segments in recent conversion cases .. list is long...BUt Alas our ADMINs memory might be short.

I can tolerate enemy sipping tea with me & killing me with a bullet but I cant tolerate an act that give substance to our enemies to back stab us.

I request Admins of the group to rethink before glamorization of anti KP agents.

With Great Regrets ,

Veer Ji Wangoo

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